Titanium Backup Without Root or Alternative Restore Data

titanium backup without rootTitanium backup without root is just waffle, in my opinion it does not exist. But in other words without root there comes the word alternative path or can be called without root. Titanium backup that has been used for years is a very popular app for android phones that have been rooted. In addition to backup and backup data, titanium reserves can also be sent to SD card or from SD card. The most popular paid or app tool for android phones can back up or restore all apps, protected app, app settings, market restrictions, and more

Feature Titanium Backup Without Root Free and Paid

Below are some of titanium backup features of all versions. From the features below there is one thing that is interesting and you must try from titanium backup is the backup data can be locked without fear of loss by using Titanium backup pro key.

  • There is no time limit list of apps is very fast
  • Sort app by (name, last backup, and frequency)
  • Filter app by (name, date type, status, label)
  • Apps organizer (also affects batch operations)
  • Backup or restore regular apps + settings
  • Backup or restore protected apps + settings
  • Backup or restore system settings (including Wi-Fi AP list)
  • Return a market link

App Like Titanium Backup / Alternative Without Root

  1. GCloud is a free android alternative tool for titanium backup without root that lets you easily backup data, video, music, message, call logs, apps and photos. Initially you are provided with an expandable 1 GB free spare room, but the terms of use of this application is that you are required to create a GCloud account, no need worry about creating a GCloud account quite easily and for free. Just like any other backup tool, GCloud backup for storing more efficient data of this app comes with the ability to set automatic updates.
  2. Super backup is an application similar to titanium backup that can be used to back up and restore android apps, settings and data from phone to PC or PC to phone, internal storage of phones and SD cards, google drive and gmail. One of the special things that makes super backup superior to other android backup tools is its features are still provided in the free version and the the benefits of the paid version are the lack of display ads. Super backup is available free and paid version ($1.99).
  3. Helium APK is also an application similar to titanium backup, an android backup tool that lets users store personal data, contacts, message, call logs, and their applications to cloud storage services, PC or SD cards. You need to install desktop programs first to get the most out of the android app. With a premium subscription ($4.99), you’ll benefit from ad free apps, the thing that’s exciting about uploading clouds and backup scheduling features is to sync data between multiple devices instantly.

The above application is called titanium backup without root / alternative, an application similar to titanium backup the same main function is backing up personal data, your favorite media and information with secure storage. And one more important thing is that if there is a problem on the application please feel free to ask or comment on admin, we are willing to help you anytime.