How you Can Connect Alexa to WiFi on Windows or laptop

How you can connect Alexa to WiFi as well as the internet? Well, to get this done the speaker needs to be created Setup mode first. There, you choose the wireless network you’d like to have the speaker register to getting the Alexa app. You can do this on either your pc or cell phone. Now below, we got you step-by-step through this process through an Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 2 speaker. But the procedure is almost the same to be able to connect another Alexa speakers. Like the Dot 2, the Echo 1 and Echo 2, as well as the Tap.

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How to Connect Alexa to WiFi Instructions

  1. Plug your speaker right into a power allowing you to connect Alexa to WiFi then search to buy to WiFi network which will save inside a memory.
  2. Install Alexa app in your hard disk laptop or tablet Alexa app access your devices and settings by which Alexa Desktop shows an image.How You Can Connect Alexa To Wifi
  3. Tap the settings menu which may be shown in the blue colored that exist within the black background menu on left screen bar Through which Settings screen appears like picture text.How You Can Connect Alexa To Wifi
  4. Tap to setup a fresh device button that is shown inside the blue straight arrow which may be appeared round the screen.
  5. Choose the preferred language for your Alexa Speaker report on available language options can look using the present language choices.Connect Alexa To Wifi
  6. Tap in order to connect wifi button then watch out for orange light blinks and shown on-screen. Watch for minute or even more for that Alexa speaker ligh ring to glow in a very orange-yellow light pattern.
  7. Click continue button screen stays until you connect your device in order to connect Alexa wifi speaker creates this network for setup.
  8. Now Call at your pc or tablets setting page and press stop button by yourself device afterword there’s a Settings app concerning the vacation homepage.Connect Alexa To Wifi
  9. Call at your wifi settings scan in range wifi network out of your pc Amazon-E9W will likely by your wireless network. This WiFi SSID stems from our Echo Dot speaker in setup mode. The speaker is at setup when light ring glows orange.
  10. Now return to Alexa app home as well as the following screen then appears it shown named now associated with your Alexa speaker.Connect Alexa To Wifi
  11. Press continue button Through which Alexa product is a scan the speaker for available WiFi networks The screen shows a listing of the wireless networks discovered from your smart speaker.
  12. After selecting your wireless network after we choose 37T681J4059H_2G_as a Guest network. You need enter in the wifi password to connecting to Alexa.
  13. Press do that again takes your setup is finished as shown inside a screen that can take here we are at Alexa App Desktop.Connect Alexa To Wifi
  14. Try out your Alexa speaker just say, Alexa, what’s the weather outside she responds with correct answers your speaker is ready for use you may even enhance your speaker preferred wifi network.

Questions or trouble to produce Connect Alexa to WiFi? please comment below! How you can connect Alexa to WiFi.


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